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updated May 1, 2014

Do I need a FPUSA or FIPJP license?
No, the tournament is open to all petanque players. But we do go by FPUSA rules, such as no smoking on the courts.
What if I register but cannot make it as planned?
Until Oct 20 we will refund your contribution 100 %. That's why we prefer payment by check, to avoid card commission expenses.
I would love to come, but I don't have a teammate. Can you link me up with someone?
You are certainly not the only one. FPUSA has a site where you can link up with other single players: Amelia2014 Partner Finder

If you do want to reserve a team spot, please sign up as a team for now, and advise us of the teammate's name later.
Will you have categories, e.g. beginners, advanced, age groups, men/ladies etc..?
No. One big competition. Except for age, it would be impossible or unfair to qualify anyone for any given level category. We also suspect that a disproportionate number would then perhaps sign up as "beginner"...
One of the beauties of petanque is that age and strength are irrelevant. Some countries do have separate men and women contests, but... we're in Florida! As to age: the min. is 14.  Actually we hope to see several "two generation" teams again.
Is there no "seeding" at all?
Nope. In an effort to mix you all up, we do try to avoid that - on Saturday - you end up playing against folks from your own area. It would be a pity to travel thousands of miles to confront your weekly opponents. In the case of geographically mixed teams however (e.g. a player from NY + a player from CA) it can happen.
I love petanque and play with friends all the time, but I have never played in a real tournament!
Don't worry. You will not be the only one. Most players in the US only started recently. The main thing is to have fun, and to learn from others in the process. Petanque players generally like to share their experience and give tips, even to opponents. Until you're catching up too fast in points, that is!
Are we playing on the beach?
No, the beach in Amelia Island is beautiful, but too soft. We're playing at the marina downtown, along the riverfront. That area is normally covered with rough stone (# 57), which will be scraped up and replaced with a mix of crushed limestone, from fine to 1/4".
What type of boules will be allowed?
You can play with any metal petanque boules, as long as they're within the normal size (70.5 to 80 mm).
Boules will be for available sale before and during the tournament in case you'd like new ones.
Are teams from ..... welcome?
Of course, from anywhere! The more countries represented, the more fun. To make you feel better about the cost of airfare, keep in mind that the US Dollar exchange rate is very favorable (1US$ = 1.39 - May 1, 2014), making the cost of your stay here quite reasonable. Overseas players often go shopping for clothing and electronics and make up part of the cost of their flight. 
Do I have to be there on Friday afternoon?
The more teams we can check in on Friday, the better. But once you have registered and paid, you can also check in early Saturday morning.
How about traveling with boules in my carry on luggage?
Here's some advice about flying with boules. Do read the comments from travelers on the post. You can also mail us your set beforehand and travel light. Priority Mail "flat rate" is fast and economical. We'll ship them back to you after the tourney for $12.
We have won many tournaments in ........  Can you invite us?
Sorry, but we have no budget for airfares and/or lodging. Top players are more than welcome, but like everyone else they have to get to Amelia Island at their own expense.
What is a "consolante"?
It is customary in petanque tournaments to give teams that get eliminated in the first rounds a second chance. Those teams then move on to a parallel circuit with its own prizes. That way everyone gets to play several games, even on Sunday.
We need a visa to travel to the States. Can you assist?
Once signed up, we can send you a letter confirming that you are registered for the tournament. But do bear in mind that the US Consulate in your country will - before anything else - require guarantees that you (a) have the means to cover your stay, and
(b) will return home.

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